Base vehicles model series 464.

Those who bear responsibility can rely on the new G-Class.

Since its launch in 1979, the G has been demonstrating responsibility in service of the community. Iconic, robust and almost indestructible: as a vehicle for Rescue and Special Operations, the new G-Class model series 464 ensures maximum mobility even under the most difficult conditions and impresses with new equipment such as the Emergency Override Switch for emergency situations. Emergency crews whose task is to protect, rescue and safeguard can always rely on the durable all-terrain vehicle with the three-pointed star.

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Developed in Graz, ready for the world.

The G-Class base vehicles have always impressed with their unique vehicle DNA. Mercedes-Benz has remained resolute over the years in its standards for all-terrain capability and reliability, which the off-roader meets in full. Nevertheless, development of the G for use by states and authorities is an ongoing process – taking in experience gained from series production of the G-Class for the civilian market. The 464 model series marks a significant step in the development of the G-Class and offers important innovations to help emergency crews with the successful completion of their tasks.



Four core competencies for successful deployment.

Off-road Performance.

G as in off-road grip. The new G-Class impresses with its great robustness. In addition to the engine, automatic transmission and reduction gearbox, the sturdy ladder-type frame also carries the rigid axles at the front and rear, thus providing optimum conditions for use in the most difficult conditions. Other hallmarks of the vehicle’s exceptional off-road capability are its high ground clearance, impressive lean angle and gradeability.

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G as in geared to meet requirements, whether in the desert or in the high mountains: with engine cooling for hot countries, improved corrosion protection and a new track width for better performance with snow chains, the new G-Class is always ready for action. And helps to ensure that rescue, protection and security missions in almost impassable terrain never fail due to transport issues, even under extreme conditions.

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G as in effective generalist. The G-Class is ideally prepared for day-to-day operational use. Tested for military operations and equippable ex factory to suit requirements, the off-roader impresses with the highest payload in its class. The intuitive operating concept for all the vehicle’s functions is supported by ergonomic, glove-compatible controls. In the installation space for needs-based equipment, integrated lashing points and mounting rails allow the safe stowage of professional kit and personal gear.

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G as in great genes. In 1979, the legendary off-road vehicle was developed in Graz. To date, more than 60,000 G-Class units have been delivered for Rescue and Special Operations and have proved their worth in patrol and liaison duties, in disaster relief operations and in peacekeeping missions all over the world.

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According to your needs.

  • Emergency Override Switch (EOS)
  • 24 V on-board power supply
  • Militarisation ex factory
  • High payload
  • Robust construction
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