When the mountain calls.

The G-Class of the Bad Kohlgrub mountain rescue service proves its skills in mountain rescue.

“At any time, in any weather, on any terrain.” This is the motto of the mountain rescue service. If you want to master rescue operations at great heights, on rough terrain and in difficult conditions, you need a vehicle that is up to every challenge. At the Bad Kohlgrub mountain rescue service, the G-Class for rescue and special operations has proven to be the standard for off-road capability and reliability in extreme situations.

The G-Class always finds a way.

In the Bavarian Alps and low mountain ranges, 113 mountain rescue services are active, handling around 8,500 rescue operations every year. Whether doing rescue, disaster relief or environmental work, the volunteers are always enthusiastic about their tasks. This is also the case for the mountain rescue service team of Bad Kohlgrub, which has had an independent mountain rescue service since 1954 with approx. 60 members of all age groups.

This requires an organisation that functions smoothly – supported by experienced staff who know what to do in every situation. And these forces include corresponding vehicles that also perform their tasks far from paved roads, on rocky cliffs, on the hiking trail and in the forest. For 13 years, the Bad Kohlgrub mountain rescue service was able to rely on the support of the off-road professional from the G-Class.

(G-)Classy lifesaver.

Relief work is in the DNA of the off-road vehicle. Since 1979, the G-Class has been used in a wide range of organisations, from fire brigades and police to the German Rescue Association (DLRG). In the meantime, the interior fittings of the G have been continuously refined and the range of special equipment has been continuously expanded. Not least for this reason, the G-Class became increasingly popular with rescue crews.

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The G-Class for rescue and special operations also found its way to the Bad Kohlgrub mountain rescue service as a replacement for the previous emergency vehicle and a response to the increasing demands of the association. Due to its reliability, the off-road professional quickly developed into a regular mountain rescue vehicle. During its service, the vehicle primarily handled patient transport and mountain rescue operations in the Ammergau Alpine foothills.

However, the volunteers from the Alpine foothills were also on hand with their G-Class in the event of a disaster. Among other things, the Bad Kohlgrub mountain rescue service was used during the 2013 hundred-year flood in the Rosenheim district. Together with fire brigades, the German Armed Forces and the technical relief organisation, the mountain rescuers fought against the masses of water. Their G-Class, with its high fording depth, all-wheel drive and extremely helpful differential locks on soft ground, stood energetically by their side.

Uncompromising mobility.

The requirements placed on rescue authorities and thus on vehicles used in emergencies and crises are constantly increasing. The G-Class has impressed with its reliability and variety of uses for 40 years. The conclusion drawn by the Bad Kohlgrub mountain rescue service regarding the G-Class is very positive: “The vehicle was very durable and much more reliable than previous off-road vehicles,” reports Marcus Hilmer, secretary of the mountain rescue service.


The G-Class for rescue and special operations.

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At any time, in any weather, on any terrain: What applies to the mountain rescue service also applies to the G. The vehicle in Bad Kohlgrub is now in well-deserved retirement. But rescue workers will continue to be ideally positioned with the G-Class in the future. In 2021, the G-Class for Rescue and Special Operations was presented – maximum mobility even under difficult conditions. Features such as the emergency override system offer emergency personnel maximum safety in demanding situations.