G 350 d Chassis Cab.

Mercedes-Benz G-Class Chassis with Cab G 350d.

The chassis with a two-door cab (BA09) is designed for a two-person team. The new cab is longer than on the previous model. This makes it possible, in combination with the new seating system, to stow luggage and equipment in the cab and to adopt a more comfortable seating position.

As standard, the vehicle is supplied with a double triangular mounting bracket allowing the largely torsion-free and low-vibration attachment of load carriers. An intermediate frame can be ordered as an option for bodies such as aluminium platforms that can easily twist when being driven off-road.

The permissible gross weight of 4.9 tonnes allows a payload of 2.5 tonnes. If required, a 3.5-tonne trailer can be towed – as with the BA06. With a fuel tank capacity of 80 litres or 96 litres, ranges of 600 kilometres are easily possible.

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