Service – on your side worldwide.

Mercedes-Benz vehicles are in active operation every day, some of them in the remotest regions in the world. They are proven and reliable companions for a wide range of applications in all climatic and topographical conditions. Our service network is very extensive – so you have an official Service Center practically all the time. Should there be no replacement parts in store, they can be procured quickly via our perfectly coordinated supply chain.

Our vehicles and services are configured for your local requirements. Do you require left- or right-hand drive? Do specific emissions regulations have to be adhered to? Is trailer operation planned? Tell us your requirements – we will offer you the solution.

Mercedes-Benz has much more to offer. Individual support and comprehensive global service.

  • Full vehicle range: payloads from 0.8 to 110 t
  • Advanced Vehicles Technologies (with focus on the operating costs)
  • Logistics Support Analysis (LSA)
  • Integrated Logistics Support (ILS)
  • Globally proven logistics
  • Established supplier for states and authorities worldwide
  • Economically strong and reliable partner
  • Financial services

Please contact your local Mercedes-Benz sales partner or fill out our contact form.

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